The History Blueprint Brain Model is an interactive diagram that presents evidence-based research into some of history’s greatest secrets covering every major topic/theme/person/event in N.W.O. history…

Including Critical Thinking Removed from Education, Technocracy, Rothschild International Banking Dynasty, and the Rockefeller Family.


A Map Of History’s Hidden Secrets

The History Blueprint is a tool for auto-didactic learning, allowing you to begin developing a comprehensive understanding of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going as Humanity.

Built by Forensic Historian Richard Grove in TheBrain Software, the History Blueprint presents evidence-based research into some of history’s greatest secrets.

With over 11,000 individual entries (and counting), and inter-connected with more than 55,000 linkages, The History Blueprint by Richard Grove has been built thought-by-thought over 10 years during an ongoing study of Cognitive Liberty.

What is the future of freedom?

Gain a deep understanding of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going as Humanity.

It’s time to start asking questions… and building a map.

Every truth warrior needs this trivium-based resource for understanding truth.

Every researcher and content creator needs this information.

A Deep Research Tool

Access an organized and systemized archive of factual and accurate hypotheses and information.

Forensic historian Richard Grove maps out the players, events, evidence, books, plans, and connections in a visual and intuitive way.

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A Blueprint for  Important History

This interactive brain model allows you to add entries from your own research and build from a solid foundation of factual and vetted information.

Make Connections and Gain Clarity

Build on top of an advanced collection of solid research and connect each item with as many pathways as you discover.

A Systemized Approach to Research

Adopt this systemized approach to gathering and structuring your research locally, and continue to build your Brain Model.

Consciousness combined with knowledge is
the path to truth and freedom.

Make plans to preserve our freedom or continue to watch history repeat itself. Take your research to the next level, impeccable and untouchable.

"A little learning is a dangerous thing;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring" - Alexander Pope


[Exclusive Video Download]: Richard Grove presents: How to Organize Your Research in the Brain Software

Richard demonstrates how he uses the Brain software to organize, catalog, and refine his web-based research and close out all those browser tabs once he's finished. The research topic is never before seen "Smoking gun evidence regarding COVID-19."


[Video Download]: Unlock the Trivium Method and Unleash Your Mind

The Trivium Method is an educational system based on the three stages of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. By understanding the Trivium Method, individuals can become more effective learners and can use this method to unlock their creative potential.


[Perpetual Video Series] History Connected Deep: Dives into the Brain Model

A collection of Richard’s series History Connected where he Deep Dives into the brain model History Blueprint to reveal history’s hidden connections.

Ep.01 - Technopoly by Neil Postman 
Anglophiles, Technophiles, and Jeffrey Epstein
Ep.03 -
Coming Soon!




Fully Interactive + 3 Bonus Items

  • V.13 Brain Model Instant Download
  • Add your own research (documents, pictures, links, etc)
  • Free Updates
  • BONUS #1: How To Organize Your Research in The Brain Software
  • BONUS #2: Unlock the Trivium and Unleash Your Mind
  • BONUS #3: History Connected Series |
    A Deep Dive into the Brain Model

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The Trivium Method is an educational system that has been used for centuries to help individuals structure their learning. It is based on the three stages of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.