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The History Blueprint Brain Model by Richard Grove

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  • Ver.13 Richard Grove's Brain Model Instant Download (64MB)
  • Instructions and Links to Download theBrain Software
  • Ability and instructions to Add your own research (documents, pictures, links, etc)
  • Free Updates

BONUS #1: [Exclusive Video Download]: Richard Grove presents: How to Organize Your Research in the Brain Software

Richard demonstrates how he uses the Brain software to organize, catalog, and refine his web-based research and close out all those browser tabs once he's finished. The research topic is never before seen "Smoking gun evidence regarding COVID-19."

BONUS #2: [Video Download] Unlock the Trivium Method and Unleash Your Mind
The Trivium Method is an educational system based on the three stages of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. By understanding the Trivium Method, individuals can become more effective learners and can use this method to unlock their creative potential.

BONUS #3: [Perpetual Video Series] History Connected Deep: Dives into the Brain Model
A collection of Richard’s series History Connected where he Deep Dives into the brain model History Blueprint to reveal history’s hidden connections.

Richard Grove's Brain Model: The History Blueprint 
is a Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty.

An interactive version to build upon for your own “Philosopher’s Stone” of research.

Richard Grove created The History Blueprint over a ten-year period. It contains over 11,000 entries interconnected with 55,000 linkages connecting the true history of the elite ruling class, their businesses, secret societies, memoirs, historical events, and their interconnected dealings revealing correlation and causation that impacts the state of freedom that we have in the world today.

The History Blueprint  presents evidence-based research into some of history’s greatest secrets.

Researchers, students of occulted history, and truth media professionals, this is the tool you cannot publish without! For anybody seeking knowledge, this comprehensive map of Richard Grove’s life’s research will save you time, energy, and money on the road to learning about freedom and liberty, expediting your own goals of knowledge and freedom!