Truth To Freedom:
How To Take Research And Build Media 




What is the Future of Truth Media?

A VIP (Very Independent Producer) panel of public speakers share their personal systems of gathering research, reading books, and overcoming their challenges to create truth media to get to where they are today.

Featuring a panel of high-profile guests including, Jay Dyer, Ryan Cristian, Mark Passio, John Bush, Jordan Page, Courtenay Turner, and Pete Quinones.

Hosted by Richard Grove. 


Where do presentations and podcasts start?

Where does the information come from?

How do we read books, source information and convert the information to content?

No two content creators are alike in their process and output.

What did it take to learn the skills they have?

Have you ever heard any of them reveal their process?

You will now!


Get on the truth and freedom team and rise-up to make changes in this world, just as these VIPs did, once upon a time.



Richard Grove
John Bush
Mark Passio
Ryan Cristian
Courtenay Turner
Jay Dyer
Pete Quinones


AUTONOMY VIP Summit 3-Truth To Freedom:
How To Take Research And Build Media




The Vanguard Of Truth


Learn the personal process of these high-level, professional public speakers in their own words. Find out what steps they take to aggregate  information, develop a thesis, and create an important piece of content.


How do they read books, do research, watch documentaries, and draw from other content or, take a book and create a presentation, a video, a documentary?


What are these methods and is it something you can learn?


Find out what information motivates them when searching through libraries of work.

Get a glimpse inside their brilliant minds and learn how you can create great media.

Gain inspiration and skills that you could apply yourself.

Develop your own vision of  becoming a content creator.


Learn how to  present top quality content.



Self-taught skills and Entrepreneurship


It may surprise you to learn that some of today’s top content creators have no formal training. Others have added various skills over the years and learned their way through media production through autodidacticism, meaning, they taught themselves…


Find out how they continued to improve despite setbacks, continuously refining their production skills over time, despite initial cringe-worthy episodes.

Learn about their journey to pursuing their passion for media production and the challenges and benefits of learning new skills.

Including audio and video editing, videography, cinematography, graphics, building presentations and interviewing.



Continued learning and intellectual buoyancy is paramount in the information war in today's society.


Our VIPs (Very Independent Producers) know this all too well as they endeavor to building an audience of informed individuals. The rules are continuously changing, and the information landscape is growing at a rapid pace.


Dodging the censors, yet still speaking truth is becoming more difficult with each totalitarian tiptoe and shadowban.


Learn how they  keep up with the information and decide what to create and publish.

Find out what responsibility and standard should be upheld.


One thing they all agree on is to commit to being better tomorrow than you are today, and to take action to learn and grow!




Richard Grove also discusses his 12-week training course called "Autonomy" that teaches participants how to learn anything and apply those skills in real-world situations. 


Are YOU ready to become a Content Creator of tomorrow? 


Richard Grove, a highly sought-after entrepreneur, and expert in autonomous living, will be joined by a panel of high-profile guests, who will share their insights and experiences on forging their own Lifestyle of Liberty as Very Independant  Producers.

The VIP summit is designed to provide you with all the information and tools you need to become autonomous and successful, focusing on Q&A and roundtable discussions. 

This is a rare opportunity to get ‚Äúbehind the scenes‚ÄĚ access to AUTONOMY and our partners. Come see for yourself what it‚Äôs like inside this unique community and develop your skills for success. ¬†