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Learn the Trivium OS for Organization! 


Learn how to harness the power and effectiveness of critical thinking using the Trivium 

  • Change your trajectory and build a build a strong foundation.
  • Increase your productivity exponentially
  • Have the tools necessary to skillfully navigate any barrier or obstacle to achieve your life goals 
  • Gain control of your future and have the confidence to make decisions
  • Take action and build your roadmap to liberation.

Richard Grove's Mindset Series

Learn the Arts of Liberation that were removed from education. 


Gain skills used to discover truth and apply them to your life. 

Learn the power of conscious activation. 


Mindset 2 Level Up and Trivium Organization Workshop builds upon last year’s Mindset 1 which was about critical thinking and how to be anti fragile.

Now we take that to the next level and learn ways to have a proper attitude of gratitude,and the motivation that you need to just to get up, do something, and get it done. 

In the Level Up Lecture, I’ll introduce a methodology to get organized either in physical space or internet space. 

In the Workshop, you will learn how to sharpen your organization and productivity skills, by leveraging the trivium method. 

It's a simple three step method that we teach used  in all sorts of areas. But this area is focused on the organization part. We've done other areas where we focus on critical thinking, creative problem solving, and active literacy expressions. 

All Workshop packages include Mindset 1 Antifragile and this is going to be completely different, and yet a little bit similar because it's very effective,and you will have real skills when you leave.





Optimize, Organize, Level Up and Thrive!


The trivium method for understanding truth can be used to organize our lives and work.

Richard Grove has spent a lifetime collecting, honing, and sharpening critical thinking skills applied to life and now teaches others his life skills for success.

  • Find out how much power we have to change our lives
  • Discover how to learn critical thinking and reach for the tools and skills that can help us make a difference in this world. 
  • Gain strengths that allow us to create the world that we all want to live in for ourselves, our families, and our loved ones.

The Mindset 2 Workshop:

Trivium + Get Things Done

Learn how to use the Getting Things Done/Trivium Hybrid flowchart for organizing

Community Building

Learn what it's like to be in AUTONOMY!

Q & A w/ Richard

 Richard Grove hosts a vibrant Q&A Session


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You can accomplish more that you know. Sometimes we need to learn new skills and find new mentors to break out of our shell and change our mindset. 

AUTONOMY was designed to give you this support and the community is one of the best you will find.

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  • Free access view-only Richard’s “History Blueprint” brain model



Includes BOTH the Lecture & Workshop


 Bonus Material :

  • Unlimited replay of lecture and workshop

  • The AUTONOMY Mindset 1: Antifragile Workshop & Goal Setting Lecture
  • Free access view-only Richard’s “History Blueprint” brain model




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Bonus :

  • Replay of Level Up Lecture 

  • Free access to view-only Richard’s “History Blueprint” brain model