2023 is the year to pursue your goals… and finally accomplish them.

Take strategic action to create positive momentum in your life and position yourself for success

Join Richard Grove for an exclusive lecture on Mindset, and utilize our framework for formulating and reaching your goals.

Everyone can Join Richard Grove for a Lecture on Mindset.

  • Essential tools that should be available to EVERYONE (but weren’t taught)
  • Prepare your mind to know you can accomplish your dreams
  • Energize you for the journey ahead

This lecture is for everyone because it delivers tools everyone should have access to…

Tools to develop an Antifragile Mindset that allows you to do anything you want with your life.

But learning is where the work BEGINS. Learning is not the same as doing.

For those committed to this journey and to achieving success…

Richard’s lecture is followed by an interactive 2hr Goal-Setting Workshop and Q&A Session for only $47!


"Your productivity is a function of how you learn to process and tolerate stress, and by learning how to process stress using methods, we can refrain from the emotional frustration of stressful situations. Therefore, your mindset comes down to reacting or assuming your way through life... or you can learn how to process life and thoughtfully respond, which is the difference between slavery and freedom." - Richard Grove

The Great Tom Woods recently promoted The AUTONOMY Mindset Lecture and Goal-Setting Workshop on his show!
Listen to what Tom had to say about it:


Along with the Lecture you will get a Q&A and Workshop and Receive:

The AUTONOMY framework for formulating and reaching your goals

Small group goal-setting breakout sessions with AUTONOMY students

Live support as you set your goals and commit to the next steps

AUTONOMY Goal-Setting Workbook to map out your plan

Access to live chat and audience Q&A with Richard Grove

Downloads of the PowerPoint slides

1080p HD download of the entire event

BONUS! FREE Trifecta Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving course

After the lecture, the goal-setting workshop is where we go deep. This is for those who are truly committed to setting goals and staying accountable.

You’re going to walk away with a concrete plan of action and the mindset to make it happen.

Going it alone is a tough row to hoe. Having a support system makes all the difference between inertia and taking action.

That’s why Richard and the AUTONOMY are with you every step of the way. You’ll see live, interactive support to get you where you want to go.

If this were something you could do on your own, you likely would’ve already done it…

Getting access to a support system to provide feedback, answer questions, and provide accountability are key elements to making forward progress in life.


Have you been feeling lost and disoriented?

Stuck in a cycle of inertia?


Recognizing that you’re lost is just the starting point… not the destination. Because being lost isn’t the problem—staying stuck is!

Learn how taking ownership over your life gives you response-ability... the ABILITY to RESPOND. To change yourself, to learn how to write your own script in life.

Take meaningful action. Create positive momentum.

Prepare yourself to move from Point A to Point B and live big in 2023