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“This is so awesome and a little intimidating as well, but I truly enjoyed going through the Obstacle Course, Autonomy Mindset and Critical Thinking Trifecta. The values and principles you teach are very much in line with my own way of thinking and it is how I aspire to live my life, in freedom. I am so grateful to you for giving us this opportunity to be rid of the shackles and chains that still bind us and to start living a life of true potential despite all the programming. Thank you all at Autonomy for such great work!”


The Obstacle Course reveals EVERYTHING inside of AUTONOMY (and how it can transform your life) so you can make an informed choice to join or not

AUTONOMY is not just a course about being more productive … becoming a freelancer … starting your own business … being successful in your pursuits … being a better communicator … ethical salesmanship … or self-directed accelerated learning …

It’s about all of that and much, much more!

AUTONOMY is truly the “skeleton key” for being a profoundly powerful human being that writes their own script in life, opens their own doors to the opportunities they desire the most, and lives the prosperous and free life they desire. 

But before you enter AUTONOMY, you should know what you’re getting into. 

The Obstacle Course shows you:

  • How AUTONOMY is structured to help you layer the essential skills for being competent, confident, self-reliant, and successful in every area of life and work
  • Why it’s designed to help you start or strengthen the habit of consistently learning to accomplish your personal goals (a skill required for this course and the rest of your life)
  • Why it’s not your fault for not being where you want in life (and how to get the methods, principles, strategies, and tactics for self-reliance that you’ve been missing)
  • All the different aspects of AUTONOMY (from the course to the community to the lifestyle to the employment opportunities and more)
  • The 6 skills that EVERYONE needs to lead a life of satisfaction
  • The dozens of subjects covered in AUTONOMY
  • The 19 essential skills for success not taught in school (inspired by two-time New York School Teacher of the Year award recipient and public school whistleblower and historian John Taylor Gatto)
  • How AUTONOMY makes it natural and easy to integrate what you learn and start using your new skills to level up your life during the course (and for the rest of your life)
  • A detailed breakdown of each package for joining AUTONOMY
  • The huge opportunities for graduates to get paid to use their skills for AUTONOMY 

And a whole lot more!

The Obstacle Course is not hard to finish (despite its name) - you can get it done in less time than it takes to listen to an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

And at the end, you’ll have everything you need to make a fully informed choice about whether or not you should join. 

Plus, you’ll get a FREE BONUS COURSE on critical thinking and creative problem-solving worth $299 just for finishing it (more on that further down this page).

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Find out what surprised this S07 student the most about the Obstacle Course...


The Obstacle Course was also designed to prove you have what it takes to commit to AUTONOMY and become a member of our exclusive community

AUTONOMY is as much a community as a course.

It’s one of the most helpful, supportive, positive, and intelligent online groups you’ll ever experience. And you get LIFETIME access to it.

Which is why we’re careful about who joins and who doesn’t.

After all, you wouldn’t want just anyone living next to you in your own neighborhood. You would prefer neighbors who share your values, who lend a helping hand, who are kind, etc.

Which is why we don’t simply let anyone in who wants in or waves a bunch of money around to get in.

Actually, if we meet with people who have very little money but would benefit greatly from AUTONOMY and have the characteristics we’re looking for, we’ll often figure out creative payment plans just for them.

That’s how seriously we work to maintain a culture of excellence.

So, what are the characteristics necessary to join AUTONOMY?

Well, you’ll find out inside the Obstacle Course.

Honestly, most people meet these requirements because most people that are reading this page are good-natured and want to live a freer, better life and make the world a more peaceful, prosperous place to live.

But we will say, you have to at least have an attention span longer than the average TikTok user (or average person, in general, these days).

And you have to have the willingness to complete the (very easy) Obstacle Course.

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“The Obstacle Course is the perfect diagnostic tool and if you can't invest the time to make it through the course, then you probably won't be able to invest the time into learning how to grow into your full potential - which is what Autonomy is all about. Prior to watching, I was unsure about whether I would 'fit in' with the Autonomy community but during the Obstacle Course Richard put this concern to bed by making it clear that all are welcome so long as you carry a sincere desire to learn and the fortitude to make plans and follow through”

—Nick Heys


Just for completing the Obstacle Course…


The Critical Thinking Trifecta

This is an exclusive and rare training from AUTONOMY Navigator Richard Grove and independent filmmaker and researcher Paul Verge.

It teaches the basics of the Trivium Method - the ancient and invaluable system of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and self-directed learning.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside The Critical Thinking Trifecta:

  • How the Trivium Method allows you to understand and gain knowledge in every other subject area (science, medicine, engineering, military tactics, and more)
  • A thorough overview of how the Trivium Method works and how to permanently integrate it into your life for learning anything, thinking clearly, and accomplishing whatever your heart desires
  • A detailed breakdown of each “step” in the Trivium Method process (and why you MUST follow them in the exact order to unchain your highest-order mental functions)
  • How to use the Trivium Method to break free from groupthink, see through “Newspeak,” and identify when and how authority figures, the media, the government, and others are lying to you
  • How the government schooling system intentionally brainwashes children into easily controlled adults
  • The 6 essential terms for fully understanding objective reality
  • The true purpose, power, and definition of wisdom (it’s a two-edged sword that can raise armies and revolutions or raise consciousness and human sovereignty)
  • How to use the Trivium Method to become an expert in anything and teach others what you know
  • How to become your own walking talking “independent fact checker” without relying on any biased news media or government agency
  • An introduction to the many logical fallacies used in propaganda to control your thoughts (and how to spot them and shut them down)

Plus so much more!

“[The Critical Thinking Trifecta] is the most amazing course I have ever been exposed to. I have been looking for something like this most of my life especially as a child growing up and hating the school system. What you are doing puts words to my thoughts and actions to the visions I have had since my early 20s. This course is worth its weight in gold!”

—Greg M.

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