The AUTONOMY Obstacle Course

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Complete the AUTONOMY Obstacle Course Challenge

You were meant to be Autonomous.

Discover the possibilities today.

What you'll get:

  • Discover how Autonomy can impact your life
  • Self-knowledge: are you up to the Autonomy challenge?
  • FREE Trifecta Course on Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving upon completion

What People Are Saying:

‘Is comfort really the best thing I could be doing right now?’ This resonates deeply with me! Comfort is definitely not our friend. Apart from after a busy day of productivity and learning! I will be asking myself this question regularly.


When I was offered the autonomy class, my biggest concern was time. I work full-time as a public speaker, teacher and do a fair amount of meetings and personal consultation. I have very few hours to commit to personal growth. The autonomy obstacle course showed me that my time and money would be well spent. The obstacle course showed me that Autonomy will help get me to more financial freedom.

A.P. Season 5 Student